Friday, 24 December 2010


Sorry I haven't posted anything
id like to say Merry Christmas to everyone and my new blog which im using to talk about my Neobux experiences.

To read it go to:

and to join Neobux go to:

Thanks to all my readers
I will not be posting here again


Merry Xmas

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Time out

OK, I know I said I would be posting more and stuff but lots of shit has happened this weekend so much that I dont have the motivation or time to blog,
Ill try and start again asap

Friday, 26 November 2010

Assassins Creed: Brotherhood

Got AC: Brotherhood yesterday :D I'm gunna try and do some posts about my experiences and thoughts on it every week with updates on the story so far/where I am or the missions I've done.

Dont expect too much as I'm not the best at AC and will probably start rambling on about something stupid in the game or characters.
Also for those who care: Possible Spoilers (but nothing too big will only be about missions most likely)

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Last Few Days!

OK Guys and Gals!
I know I haven't been posting much lately being busy with school work and personal crap :/ however I have good news!
A friend of mine who also has a blog is struggling to keep updating too, so we have decided to merge together, he will begin posting here soon, I expect a little introduction will be his first post :)

His name is Ryukon of Ryukons Daily Blab, he's a good friend and blogger so you should expect some good posts from him even if they are not that often.
I think we shall be posting about similar but different things however there is nothing stopping us from butting into each others posts with our own comments at the bottom, maybe a little bit of me being right or him trying to prove me wrong xD. So don't just expect a normal blog!

Thanks for waiting I promise soon we shall get things running better than ever!

P.S. As many of you shall know there are many bloggers who have lost their adsense accounts like me, i've moved onto a different advertiser to try and get a little bit of cash from this :) every little helps

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

New PS3 Bundle!

Some of you might know but currently I have a PS3, unfortunatly its the original 40gb one which is not enought for me anymore and the network card is a fail so its stopping me from joining some online games.
So I've decided to sell my PS3 and PsP with all its stuff for about £260 and buy a new PS3 with this bundle!
Here's a link to the bundle:

Sony PlayStation 3 Slim Console (320 GB Model) with Gran Turismo 5 Collector's Edition for £275!
that means if I can sell my stuff for £260 I will be paying £15 for an upgraded PS3 and GT5 Collector's Edition (which on its own is £60) :D

I think this will be a good buy as my friend is interested in buying my PS3 and PSP so I should be able to get this soon so I can start playing again.

I would recommend to anyone who is looking to get a PS3 this christmas and likes the GT series to get this bundle as it is the best deal you can get right now without buying second hand.


Monday, 22 November 2010

'The Small Calendar 2011

I thought Mondays normally were bad but today it seems a lot worse, I don't know if its the lack of sleep + cant be botheredness I'm feeling or if its something else.

Anyway I was quickly looking around Lifehacker when I spotted this, The Small Calendar!
Its a Calendar, that is small!
So small that it can easily fit in your wallet and is simple to read and understand without the multiple pages of a normal calendar.
The Designers Website is above, designed by Grafish Design they produced this as a easy to use calendar for all to download and print themselves.

Here's how it works,
1) choose the day you want to know (eg.19)
2) draws a line with your finger from the day chosen until the month you want (eg. March)
Done! In two easy steps you’ve discovered what day will be March 19: Saturday!

To download your own go to : Download

I have printed my own and it will be very useful for next year, I am looking to print it on card or more sturdy paper so that it will be more solid in my wallet.

I recommend getting one for next year as you never know when you will need to know the day of a date quickly.

Original LifeHacker Page: LifeHacker


Sunday, 21 November 2010

Quickly Posting Update

Hey Followers! sorry for a quiet weekend, had the party etc! :D
now I'm very tired and feel like total shit so I will make this quick but I wanted to update you all.

Main Happenings of the Party!:
1) 1 mate collapsed and stopped breathing for a few seconds :/ he's fine though so its OK
2) 1 mate fell over the table breaking glass
3) same mate as 2 was in a sleep state which we couldn't wake him from
4) same mate as 2 and 3 projectile vomit over himself, wall, sofas :/ 4 hours of cleaning :(
5) Lefty flip Guitar Hero then hang upside down so its normal way up - totally hilarious
6) Drunken CoD still pwning people xD

Ok thats pretty much the main happenings of the whole party, was a great laugh :)
Will try and post something tomorrow though I have lots of work to catch up on now I've done nothing this weekend.


Friday, 19 November 2010

Photoshop text effect 2

Quick post about Photoshop like I said I would, dont have that much time right now and with the party I don't think I will be updating about Photoshop again till next week so I have to get this posted for you guys! :)

This time I've experimented with a tutorial found here:
The tutorial is easy to follow, simply laid out and gives a very good result,
Here's what I made from it :D I really like it might mess around with this kind of style sometime again soon, You might see that mine doesn't quite look as good as the one in the tutorial that's because of the way I did it a little different.

Old Version

A site recommended to me by : Paul of What has science done!?!

This site has many old versions of programs that have been updated and hard to find, as they say 'newer is not always better'.
Very useful for people who are still using XP but the programs they try to install wont work as they are for optimised for Vista/Win 7.


Thursday, 18 November 2010

This Weekend

Just a quick post to let everyone know that I wont be posting this weekend, well maybe Sunday but not till late, having a party at mine on Saturday night which should be awesome :)
Might do a post on it next week about the random stuff that happened.
Anyway tomorrow I shall be posting another Photoshop post with some more text effects that I've been messing with, until then I don't really have any idea of what to post but if I think of something I will post later.

P.S. 77 Followers ! :D

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Mini Rant

OK so like I said a few days back, I reformatted my laptop and have now been trying to add all my old programs on it. You know the usual programs like MSN, hmm so far I have spent around 20 minutes trying to download and install MSN, with the newest MSN only for Vista and Windows 7 the microsoft site is pretty much useless they seem to be addicted to their new products and have forgotten about all of us who don't have another £80 to waste on an OS when XP works fine for what I use my laptop for..........

Photoshop Text Effects 01

Ok bloggers, first post about Photoshop Text effects is today :D
To begin with I would like to say thank you for following me, new visitors follows are always good, and thank you for your interest in my blog.

I have been looking around the internet and found that this site is one of the best for text effects, it seems to compile many different tutorial sites into one place which is easy to look around so check it out!
Over 700 pages of text effect tutorials !
Here are some I've tried....................

Tuesday, 16 November 2010


As I said in my last post I just got:

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended
I haven't even loaded it yet and cant wait till I get it up and running will be experimenting for awhile until I have some good image/text effects/general effects that I like.

Here's something I was messing around with today during my lunch break on Photoshop CS3, I kind of know some things on it so I will need to learn this new one again haha :)
What you think?



Yes finally I've had an idea of things I can post in the future :D
Lately i've been messing around with photoshop looking and learning from tutorials online and recently I got CS5 Photoshop and will start using that soon. So i've decided that I will during my learning and messing around with tutorials post on my blog once or twice a week with a few tutorials I found useful or really liked and maybe some of the things i've created following them and just generally messing around :)

I shall post something later when I get home with some more details
what you think?

Monday, 15 November 2010

New Header

I've done a quick header just for now until I have time to make it better with Photoshop :D
Sorry I have not posted much lately I really have no ideas on what to post on :(
would be nice to have some ideas?


Sunday, 14 November 2010


Today I decided to reformat my laptop as it was full of crap, I do this every year or so and after doing it I always say that I will never let it get that bad again and that I will have it all organised but I never do it I always end up downloading lots of stuff and leaving it on my desktop or god knows where and never find what I need and suddenly I have 2 gb hard drive space left.

Anyway random post as I haven't got any real ideas for a good post right now


Saturday, 13 November 2010

Life and Linkin Park

Today spent most of the day in town with mates and the girl <3, wandering around annoying security etc, the usual rather cold once the sun had gone in but a good day :D

On to this post.....

Recently I've decided to listen to stuff I stopped listening to awhile back right now its Linkin Park.
I used to always listen to them cause well they are really good but after awhile I got a little bored as that was all I listened to and since then I haven't listened to them but now I am :D
I had forgotten how good some of their songs are and am going to listen to them a lot more now xD

I got their new album and well.... disappointment! total fail! its....shit.
it sounds like they don't know what their sound is and have at least 4 different styles on the one album with most of them being absolutely shit!
For those who listen to them and know their music they NEED to go back to Hybrid Theory and Meteora styles as they were their best albums.

That's pretty much their albums in order of goodness see the trend? they get worse the more they try to sound better! :( 
Yes I know I left out Reanimation as it is a remix album not studio but if I was to add it, it would be between Meteora and Minutes to Midnight :) 

Anyway if you have never listened to Linkin Park :O You should listen to some of Hybrid Theory or Meteora both really good albums.


Friday, 12 November 2010

New Template Again

I know it has not been long since I last changed it, but I was looking around on websites and found this one.
What do you think?

Sorry for no proper post today will try to think of something and post later.


Thursday, 11 November 2010

Literal Trailers!!

I've been thinking about posting about these for awhile and now I've decided to post!
Some of you who know me will probably know about these already as they are really awesome!

What is a Literal Trailer?
Well they are made by a awesome guy know as Tobuscus who posts them on his channel on You Tube
 Link here: Tobuscus You Tube Channel

Basically what Tobuscus does is takes the trailers for popular games and films then replaces the audio with a song that as the titles say describe what is literally happening on screen, this might sound weird and if done by anyone else would probably be really crap but the way Tobuscus does it is just amazing here are my favourite ones!

Assassins Creed Literal Trailer!

Resident Evil Afterlife Literal Trailer!

Tron Legacy Literal Trailer! :D




British Weather

As many people know British weather is mainly: Cold, Wet, Cold and a bit more Wet. Now having lived here my whole life I should be used to it but the weather changes so randomly sometimes you never know what to expect.
This morning it was windy raining and well crap,
Later on it cleared up and was sunny and now its windy and cold :(

I can remember once awhile ago that in one day we had snow, wind, rain, sun and hail what a day!

Random post I know, still don't have any real ideas about what to post about :(
Got any Suggestions or things you want me to talk about?
Would love some ideas :D



Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Quick Post: Massive Dynamic

Quick Random post while I watch Fringe on TV :P

What is Massive Dynamic?...well those who watch the TV show Fringe they will already know what this company is and what they do.
Well someone has made them a website :

I think it's pretty cool of them to be honest as they have got all the details about them right :)

Tuesday, 9 November 2010


Misfits is a TV series that some of my English followers will know about, Sorry to those outside of the country as you will not know about this series but I really do suggest you watch it online or something it's really good.

The main story line follows a group of teens on comunity service after getting caught doing a number of different crimes, they become friends after a storm changes them, they begin to develop powers and try to find out about them and to find out what has happened.

Series One only had 6 episodes which is sad because it ends to early however a second Series is due out this week so it should be good, If I get a good response from this I shall continue to talk about this show maybe do a episode guide which has brief summaries of the episodes and links to watch them online (Make sure you comment below telling me this is a good idea cause if people don't want it there's no point me doing it)

Anyway its a good show to watch in my opinion funny, entertaining and a good storyline.


Random Image Tuesday 2

Its Tuesday again so time for Random Image Tueseday :)
Like list time these 3 or 4 images will be based around one topic or style and YOU have to guess it, this time I shall be keeping your comments of the answers hidden till the end of the day (for me around 6 or 7 GMT).
If you get the answer right Your name and a link to your blog shall be posted in next weeks Random Image Tuesday! so its worth a guess.

Remember you need to get exactly what I am thinking of when I post these images so you might be close but not the exact words I'm looking for..

Give it a try!

*Hint!* Its a film


Monday, 8 November 2010

Night at the Museum

So I turned on my TV just now to see that Night at the Museum had just started :D time to watch it haha

If you didn't know the film Night at the Museum is about a man who gets a job as a night guard in a museum where things get very strange at night. The exhibits come alive :O
Its a pretty good film, a good laugh when your bored or something :)

I recommend seeing it at least once just to see it really I think its a pretty good film.

The sequel to this film Night at the Museum 2 is also a very good film and definitely worth a watch.

Anyway just thought I'd post something while watching the film, I haven't had many ideas on what to blog about lately so most of my posts having been that great which I am sorry for.


Fail Post!

Time for the weekly Fail Post! :)

Vote for you favorite!


Sunday, 7 November 2010

Google Fight

I know this is kinda old but I thought I'd make a post on it anyway :D
This fun little site allows you to fight two things against each other, it calculates the winner by looking at how many results the words get the one with the most wins!

Its a great fun game to mess around on with friends and can even be used in bets!
Maybe you could win some money off your mates by betting on which would win :)

I would also like to ask you a question!
Which browser do you use/like the most?
Currently I use Chrome for most of my website viewing as its very fast with the latest update and easy to use


Saturday, 6 November 2010

:O Quick post

While going through my followed blog's I came across this latest post:
Paul talks about the Google Chrome OS! :O I don't know if I'm just behind and have'nt been paying attention to the news but I knew nothing about this before.
Just thought my followers should really check out his blog :)


New Template and Driving Licence

Thank you for all the comments about my new template, I think I shall be sticking with this one for awhile, after looking around at so many templates this one is definitely my favourite so I've got this one for now :)

Anyway today I had to go to one of those photo booth places to get a photo for my Driving Licence, now as I have glasses (yes I look like a freak with and without them) The booth costs £5! :O for 5 pictures when I only need One! so I have 4 pictures of me without my glasses on with my hair out of my eyes and not being allowed to smile and look like a miserable gimp and will never need them again Gah!
I have to fill out a load of forms and passport stuff and then send it off with the photo and hope the picture is accepted and that I don't have to wait too long for them to send me my licence! :D
Cant wait till I can actually drive and have the freedom to go anywhere without getting wet, cold or jumped.

Sorry, this post is very random so sorry if this bores you...Give me something to talk about! :D I don't have any ideas.


Friday, 5 November 2010

New Templates and Layout

Just so everyone knows I will be messing around with new templates and Layouts for the next day or so, so don't be shocked or worried if the blog suddenly looks really messed up or things don't work :)
Any suggestions are welcome


over halfway too 100 followers! :D

My Phone

Samsung Jet (S8000) 

The Samsung Jet features a 800MHz CPU, runs Samsung’s TouchWiz 2.0, 3D media gate and full motion response UIs as well as custom widgets.
This was originally marketed as the next best thing from Samsung. 

I currently own this phone and have it on contract with Orange, its 800mhz CPU runs anything you want to run perfectly with no problems, it has a 5 Mega Pixel camera AF camera+ Dual Power LED with Face Detection, Smile Shot, Panorama Shot & Blink Detection and the sound quality from both music player and during phone calls is really good.
it may boast its ability to multi task and its very fast CPU but there are hardly any good and useful Apps to add to it and even with its ability to run most Java Apps/Games the screen is not good at handling them and most become unplayable, this is a major downside especially as Samsung had said that this would rival the IPhone which has sooooo many more Apps and it can actually use them! 
3/5 rating for this phone, I would change it but I'm on contract and it doesn't end till sept next year :( 


P.S. I need some Ideas of things to write about and stuff, if you have an idea please let me know :) Games, Movies, Products, Programs, Life, anything that I can actually talk about.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Drawball is a website that allows all visitors to graffiti on the 'drawball'
As you can see here, this is what it looks like right now, unfortunately a group of frenchfags have decided to dedicate most of their day to keeping the drawball their flag colours Grr...

I think the idea of this website is very good, its fun and a laugh however it can get annoying when these frenchfags come along.

Maybe we should take them down?
A few of us have started in the bottom right side with the black spreading out but if you want to help make sure you go to the link above and get drawing!

Also I'd like to thank all 53 followers that I have now for following me :) I hope I can post some stuff that you will find interesting, I'm always open to suggestions :P


Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Quickly id like to say thank you for those who voted in the name choice post, as you can see i've changed the name now :D
Do you like it?

Anyway, Sleep....Very important for people to sleep and to get enough sleep and as many of you will know when doing a lot of school work sleep isn't on the top of your list and well you don't have time for much of it. Up till late doing the work only to have to get up early to actually go learn gah!

Lately I have been getting around 6 hour sleep which is some more than I have done before however, as my girlfriend puts it, I have angry problems and get over emotional, now this has gone down since i've been sleeping more and I plan to try and get 8 hours a night but its just so hard with the work and wanting to mess around on the internet and blog like this, I think sleeping more would benefit me and a large percentage of the population would do also.

How much sleep do you get normally?
Do you get enough?


Stormrise (PC)

Time for a Game post! :D
Today its Stormrise.

Stormrise is a real time strategy (RTS) game published by Sega, like many RTS games it is based in a post-apocalyptic world where two rival factions war to control what is left,

the Echelon, a technologically advanced race that endured the planet's fallout by way of self-induced hibernation,
the Sai, a tribal society that adapted to the new environment and evolved. Units can be deployed in the air, on rooftops, at ground level, or below the planet's surface.

 Here is an example of one of the Echelon units, many of their units are robotic or men in suites of armor,

The character you play as is Commander Aiden Geary who takes command of the units while on the field of battle, using the mouse to control the units you can be very tactical when assaulting enemy bases.

The game was released in March 2009 but never seemed to get much of a response, i've played this game for awhile and I do enjoy it, its levels can be difficult but the story at least so far is very good.

However I would say that this game is for fans of RTS games more than average gamers as they are more likely to become bored or get stuck on the game.

Overall I give this game 3/5 an enjoyable play but some time is needed to be dedicated to the game to see its full potential.

I bet no one has heard of this game before right? I hadn't I just got it with some new parts I got for my PC :)




Yes, another post about the title...

Tresni's treasure: 3
Eruption: 8
Just Tresni: 4
Tresni Types Stuff: 1

now from these votes I should take Eruption but I don't know lol :/ will think on it and change name by the end of today.

will do a proper post soon as well so keep your eye out!


Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Blog Title Vote

Narrowed the Blog Title down to.....

Tresni's Treasure

Just Tresni

Eruption of a mad man


Tresni types stuff

So, its down to you, the followers!, which do you like the best and why? 
got any other ideas? 

I would love to see which ones you prefer rather than just me choosing :)



so far: 
4 - Eruption
2 - Just Tresni
2 - Tresni's Treasure
1 - Tresni Types Stuff

Will make a choice tomorrow so keep voting if you haven't yet!


I'm not someone who actively reads a newspaper or watches the news or even reads online however I do sometimes take a wander online to see whats going on,
Today I just happened to go on and found this story.

I shall just say alittle about it, Today eleven people have been injured in a suspected gas explosion in Salford in Greater Manchester luckly no-one was fataly injured however one home has been completly destroyed while some others have been badly damaged.

They say that the area might be still releasing gas into the air but there is no real verdict yet, a gas explosion of this size in a normal could this happen? it couldnt be someone leaving the gas on their cooker on the amount of damage was too great for that.


Hopefully this will be resolved soon and the families can work to try and re-build their life after losing everything.

a sad note.

Random Image Tuesday!

I want to start like a kind of weekly thing that I do every week and people can get into the habit of seeing it and commenting on the posts cause you people are such nice people! :D

So I've decided to try Random Image Tuesday, What I shall do is find 3 or 4 images that are of similar topic or style and id like YOU to comment saying which one you like most and if you want why you like it. 

This week! these images are all for ONE game or series of games which game are they from!?

Remember to comment! you never know what surprise I might add to next weeks one!
(I will keep your comments hidden untill tonight so you cant cheat by looking at anyone elses answers! :D)

Monday, 1 November 2010

Updates/Quick Post 01.5:

Randomly decided to add something to the update:

Today I had fish and chips :D yes the traditional British thing to have and I love it, its so nice and easy without having to cook anything so WIN!

Anyway as I'm writing this I'm trying to think of something to write that people will be interested in and will bring more people to the blog...yeah blog post

OK upgraded my old crappy PC a few weeks ago and got some games with it, although I have little time to play them I guess I can say what I got and maybe ill do individual posts about them talking about the games and if I manage to get time to play some I may do a few posts as I play though some games for the first time :)
So I got:
Aliens Vs Predator
Dirt 2
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (already had it on PS3 but now on PC too :P )
and Stormrise ( played a little of this so far really good! )

That's all for now I guess,

Sorry for the not so great posts, please tell me if there's something you want me to talk about, find out about or anything.


P.S. I'm open to free download or browser game recommendations, if I do give any recommended a try ill make sure to post about them.

Updates/Quick Post 01:

OK, im currently rather busy with lots of work to do etc but I'm quickly typing this now as I have a spare moment.

This week will probably be slow with posts, I will still get one post a day but the size and quality of those posts is not guarenteed, sorry if you were looking forward to a great post about something ( yeah right like I would do that anyway lol ).

So my quick topic of the day:

Fireworks, an obvious topic around this time
Last night I went to a rather early fireworks display that was very close to my home it had the usual different types of fireworks we all love but have no idea about them, their names, how they are made or how they work ( I will in the future be finding out the answers to these things and shall make a post about it )
All we know is they look amazing and are very loud and as a man I have the very common love of explosions and fire so this time of year is great fun and very enjoyable for me ( I just wish I could do it myself dam that would be so fun! )

Do you love fireworks?
or do you hate them ? many dont like the loud noises they make especially the younger children which is a shame :(

Anyway not much time now so this will have to do.


Sunday, 31 October 2010

Blog Title

OK people! I'm looking for a actual blog title as right now its just tresni's blog, id like something cool and remember-able ya'no :)

Any ideas?

Doesn't need to have Tresni in it but would be cool :)


Guild Wars

Guild Wars is a series of online role-playing games developed by ArenaNet and published by NCsoft. It provides two main modes of game play
A cooperative role-playing component and a competitive player vs. player (PvP) component and have released  Three stand-alone episodes and one expansion pack in the series from April 2005 to August 2007.

What's that? its just another shitty RPG game? far from it, Guild Wars is unique in many ways which makes it very different to play and more strategic because of the need to make 'builds' which I will get too soon.

Here are the Three main stories of the Guild Wars world, The first one being Guild Wars (Known as Prophecies ) followed by Factions and Nightfall, all the games had their own individual story lines but they do overlap slightly with characters and histories. 

Guild Wars is unique in many ways, the whole game is very different from most RPG games as you do not share a server with the rest of the world, what do I mean? when you go outside of a town to do a quest or something you leave the public server and go into one specifically for you with only those who were in your party in it, this means that the game is very solo'able and eliminates the need to wait for something to re-spawn after another player has killed the boss you need to kill for the quest
This also means PvP is very different as players cannot just attack each other as they are in different servers, PvP is dedicated and separate from the Role Playing side of the game however it can help with it.

When you first create a character you can choose weather it is a Role Playing character (one that plays the story of the game you have selected but can also go to PvP if you want to use that character) or a PvP character which starts at the level cap and is made specifically for PvP only. 
Now level cap....20, yes 20 but it works well, the game isn't about grinding to level up it about the story and the build you chose to use.

So Builds....
Builds are the term used for the 8 Skills you choose to take with you on quests or in PvP these 8 skills are locked and connect be changed until you are back in a village and out of the explorable area, Unlike most RPG's which you can have as many skills as you can carry etc this way of working creates a lot more strategic method of playing, having to acquire the skills you need and working on your own or someone else's build so it works for you. 
AreaNet changes skills every now and then this causes builds to change and the whole experience of the game especially in PvP can change dramatically if a certain build you relied on is 'nerfed' 

There are quite a few different PvP types in Guild Wars many of the requiring you to work in a small group to beat others for example: 
AB: Alliance Battles - Introduced in the game Guild Wars Factions this PvP relies on you being in a guild, guilds can be in one of two alliances to the factions (Kurzicks or Luxons) in AB the player is in a group of 4 with 2 other groups of 4 on their side and the opposing faction has the same the aim of AB is kind of like king of the hill but with many capture points, first too 500 points wins the more capture points you have the quicker the points go up. 
GB: Guild Battles - Similar to AB but working as a whole guild vs another whole guild in one of the guilds halls, the aim is to kill the guild leader and win.
HA: Heroes' Ascent - Is a continuous tournament between teams of 8 players who battle in a sequence of different arenas against other groups of 8 if the group wins enough they get to fight in the Hall of Heroes, if they win here their results are broadcast to all online players and very good loot is at the end.

I have to say I have played Guild Wars for around 3 years stopping and starting when busy etc, the game is great honestly its one of the best games I've ever played however as Its getting older and players like me have done most things we get bored and stop playing even with updates all of my guild including me have stopped playing, which is a shame as we had such fun and laughs.

I hope to get Guild Wars 2 whenever it actually comes out and will be looking to bring back some old gamers and find some new ones to get to know.

Have you played Guild Wars? 
Plan on buying Guild Wars 2? 


*Edit* Thanks to cindrellig for reminding me! No, Guild Wars and all its games are Free to Play with only the one time cost of buying the game! and so will Guild Wars 2, there are No monthly subscriptions to pay for Guild Wars


Dear Followers and new visitors,

Id like to start by saying thanks for following me, I make it a point to follow back anyone who follows me and always check out any updates they post from that point on and from what I've seen many of you are doing this for me too so thank you, its more fun posting a blog which people actually read if it wasn't read I might as well right a diary.

New Visitors, Follow and ill Follow back :)

Thanks again

Saturday, 30 October 2010

This Week

I'm planning to do at least three good posts this week but what should I do them on? 

As I don't know I'm doing this poll!
Please vote and Comment on anything specific you want me to do e.g if games any game or genre? if products what kind? 


What Should I do this week?


How To Train Your Dragon

How To Train Your Dragon, from the title alone it has to be awesome... I mean there such thing as a 'bad' film that has a Dragon in it? NO! xD 
So this film came out 31 March 2010 in the UK however I never went to see it, after getting it a few days ago I regret not seeing it in 3D however the film not in 3D is still really good so 3D must be amazing. 

The Film itself is about a young Viking boy who doesn't fit in at all with well everyone else as he is skinny, weak and pretty much useless when it comes to being anything like a Viking 
The Viking town is terrorised by lots of dragons they all attack and the Vikings fight back killing many, the Viking boy (Hiccup) goes out in the middle of the fight to try and prove to everyone he is a good Viking, he uses a machine he created to shoot a ball and chain into the sky aiming for a dragon usually he would miss however on this one time he manages to hit the most feared dragon of them all 'Night Fury'.
The film follows his story as he finds and dragon and discovers many things about both Night Fury and all the other dragons which leads him to create new friendships and earn the respect and admiration of all the Vikings.

I love this film, no matter what anyone says it might have been made for children but dam! its a good film!
this is a MUST SEE! for EVERYONE....
Parents? get it on DVD!
Kids? ask parents for it for Christmas!
I guarantee you will all enjoy it :)

Have you seen it? what do you think?



The best day of the week? F**k Yeah!

What do I do on Saturdays?
Sleep in, Go town, see friends and gf <3, have a laugh, piss off someone random and wander around
this is the average Saturday, same old same old all year around hot or cold, windy or raining.

So what's the worst thing about Saturdays? knowing when you wake up you only have one day to get over the hang over and make yourself look less like death for the next busy week.

So what do you do on Saturdays?

Black and White

Black & White is a computer game developed by Lionhead Studios and published by Electronic Arts and Feral Interactive. It is the game that kicked off the god game in 2001.

In the game you played as a god who had been born from the prayers of a innocent family who's son is drowning, your first task is to save the boy from this point on the village worships you as their god, you work to complete quests that teach you new skills and help the villagers develop their village more. War and Impressiveness are two main ways of taking over other villages and eventually taking over the island you are on, War is obvious attacking with an army you have created and Impressiveness looks at your village or town and calculates its Impressiveness depending on the buildings, populations happiness and general things, if a village is impressed by yours they will migrate to you and ask to move into your village.

The fundamental part of the game is the choice between Good and Evil, choosing to be Good or Evil changes the way you can play the game meaning that it has replay value because you can play it differently every time.
Good and Evil are represented by these characters here, they help guide you along the path you choose weather it be Good or Evil

As a God you get to choose a creature who you can control and tell to do your bidding, You become the creatures owner and teacher with you having to teach the creature what is right and wrong and what you want and don't want it to do. 

As you teach your creature, look after it and get further into the game it grows here are examples of some full grown creatures:

The game's interface is based around a hand which you control with your mouse, at the beginning there is a tutorial which teaches you all the things you need to know about movement, selection and control.
As you can see here the hand has been used to collect some wood and now is being placed in the storehouse for the villagers to use.
The hand is not visible to the villagers however the things it does (e.g pick up trees, rocks) are seen by the villagers so some reaction sometimes occurs.

Another main part of the game is the Miracles, to preform Miracles you need Prayer energy, this is gained exactly how you would think by having your disciples pray at your temple.
 Here is your temple, your disciples will pray here and gather up the amount of Prayer energy you have to spend on Miracles such as rain and fireball

The game itself may be old but can still be a very fun and entertaining game to play weather its a casual gamer playing a few hours a week or a hardcore gamer looking for continuous hours of enjoyment and good game play. 

Since then a sequel Black and White 2 has came out this is also a very good game with similar gaming experiences available with a new storyline to keep you interested for longer.

I know this kinda review/little chat about the game is very short and misses out a lot of information about the game and other parts however I will be ending it here

I give this game 4/5 rating and a MUST PLAY for any PC gamers who enjoy simulation games with great replay value!

What do you think of the game? 
Have you played it before? 


OK Updates!

After looking at your comments I shall take your ideas :D

Lets do a little plan:

-- Black and White (PC)
-- Guild Wars

-- How To Train Your Dragon

These will do for now as I don't have a lot of time to post blogs for the next few days
I cant promise they will be any good but I will try to make them useful and interesting to read, I shall try and post the first post on the list Black and White (PC) tomorrow.