Thursday, 25 November 2010

Last Few Days!

OK Guys and Gals!
I know I haven't been posting much lately being busy with school work and personal crap :/ however I have good news!
A friend of mine who also has a blog is struggling to keep updating too, so we have decided to merge together, he will begin posting here soon, I expect a little introduction will be his first post :)

His name is Ryukon of Ryukons Daily Blab, he's a good friend and blogger so you should expect some good posts from him even if they are not that often.
I think we shall be posting about similar but different things however there is nothing stopping us from butting into each others posts with our own comments at the bottom, maybe a little bit of me being right or him trying to prove me wrong xD. So don't just expect a normal blog!

Thanks for waiting I promise soon we shall get things running better than ever!

P.S. As many of you shall know there are many bloggers who have lost their adsense accounts like me, i've moved onto a different advertiser to try and get a little bit of cash from this :) every little helps


  1. Welcome to your friend, hope to hear him soon :)!

  2. Hey man, it sounds good! Will be looking forward to the new posts :) Also grats with the new advertiser, hope it will work out for ya!

  3. Thanks for the advice, I'll try it =)

  4. Happy thanksgiving! Following thy

  5. cool concept of having a co-blogger, sometimes i run out of ideas too and it would be nice to pass the torch to someone with a good post idea