Sunday, 31 October 2010


Dear Followers and new visitors,

Id like to start by saying thanks for following me, I make it a point to follow back anyone who follows me and always check out any updates they post from that point on and from what I've seen many of you are doing this for me too so thank you, its more fun posting a blog which people actually read if it wasn't read I might as well right a diary.

New Visitors, Follow and ill Follow back :)

Thanks again


  1. I always enjoy reading stuff. Especially from other people that may or may not be similar to me.
    I can't follow you though, I have tried, but it doesnt work :(

  2. Cool, this is a great blog... I'll manually bookmark this. I'm already following 300 people, and that's the limit.

  3. Nice design, I'll check back regularly. I'm already following 300, so I can't follow you :P