Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Random Image Tuesday!

I want to start like a kind of weekly thing that I do every week and people can get into the habit of seeing it and commenting on the posts cause you people are such nice people! :D

So I've decided to try Random Image Tuesday, What I shall do is find 3 or 4 images that are of similar topic or style and id like YOU to comment saying which one you like most and if you want why you like it. 

This week! these images are all for ONE game or series of games which game are they from!?

Remember to comment! you never know what surprise I might add to next weeks one!
(I will keep your comments hidden untill tonight so you cant cheat by looking at anyone elses answers! :D)


  1. I can't see the pictures for some reason??

  2. Yes I can see them now. Guildwars? xD

  3. I really need to start compiling fantasy maps, I play d&d and am not afraid to assimilate others maps into my game.