Monday, 22 November 2010

'The Small Calendar 2011

I thought Mondays normally were bad but today it seems a lot worse, I don't know if its the lack of sleep + cant be botheredness I'm feeling or if its something else.

Anyway I was quickly looking around Lifehacker when I spotted this, The Small Calendar!
Its a Calendar, that is small!
So small that it can easily fit in your wallet and is simple to read and understand without the multiple pages of a normal calendar.
The Designers Website is above, designed by Grafish Design they produced this as a easy to use calendar for all to download and print themselves.

Here's how it works,
1) choose the day you want to know (eg.19)
2) draws a line with your finger from the day chosen until the month you want (eg. March)
Done! In two easy steps you’ve discovered what day will be March 19: Saturday!

To download your own go to : Download

I have printed my own and it will be very useful for next year, I am looking to print it on card or more sturdy paper so that it will be more solid in my wallet.

I recommend getting one for next year as you never know when you will need to know the day of a date quickly.

Original LifeHacker Page: LifeHacker



  1. oh thats awesome i need to get that

  2. oh man.. you don't even know how much this helps me.. i need to make some calendars for my company and this will be great! Tnx!

  3. Pretty nice. It could come in handy :)

  4. Cool, I'll download it right nao, thanks, bro =)