Monday, 1 November 2010

Updates/Quick Post 01:

OK, im currently rather busy with lots of work to do etc but I'm quickly typing this now as I have a spare moment.

This week will probably be slow with posts, I will still get one post a day but the size and quality of those posts is not guarenteed, sorry if you were looking forward to a great post about something ( yeah right like I would do that anyway lol ).

So my quick topic of the day:

Fireworks, an obvious topic around this time
Last night I went to a rather early fireworks display that was very close to my home it had the usual different types of fireworks we all love but have no idea about them, their names, how they are made or how they work ( I will in the future be finding out the answers to these things and shall make a post about it )
All we know is they look amazing and are very loud and as a man I have the very common love of explosions and fire so this time of year is great fun and very enjoyable for me ( I just wish I could do it myself dam that would be so fun! )

Do you love fireworks?
or do you hate them ? many dont like the loud noises they make especially the younger children which is a shame :(

Anyway not much time now so this will have to do.



  1. i do love fireworks. such a beautifully dangerous part of my childhood

  2. I'm hypnotically drawn to fireworks and prone to experimentation. :)

  3. Nice, looking forward to lots of fireworks later this week as well :D