Sunday, 7 November 2010

Google Fight

I know this is kinda old but I thought I'd make a post on it anyway :D
This fun little site allows you to fight two things against each other, it calculates the winner by looking at how many results the words get the one with the most wins!

Its a great fun game to mess around on with friends and can even be used in bets!
Maybe you could win some money off your mates by betting on which would win :)

I would also like to ask you a question!
Which browser do you use/like the most?
Currently I use Chrome for most of my website viewing as its very fast with the latest update and easy to use



  1. Awesome little site. I also use FF for my browsing, love the addons.

  2. Chrome is the way to go. Fastest and safest atm.

  3. this reminds me to upgrade my system. thanks for the post

  4. ah i knew that site but I had forgotten the name thanks for posting :)

  5. Nice website! I use firefox...

  6. hahah, funny page. Sadly, Kurt Cobain lost against Justin Bieber ;_;

  7. Played it last night haha. It was hilarious. (With the betting thing)

  8. hey that's really cool, i didn't even know this website so thanks!

  9. I had no idea about this. Im gonna use it. Great post...followed!