Saturday, 13 November 2010

Life and Linkin Park

Today spent most of the day in town with mates and the girl <3, wandering around annoying security etc, the usual rather cold once the sun had gone in but a good day :D

On to this post.....

Recently I've decided to listen to stuff I stopped listening to awhile back right now its Linkin Park.
I used to always listen to them cause well they are really good but after awhile I got a little bored as that was all I listened to and since then I haven't listened to them but now I am :D
I had forgotten how good some of their songs are and am going to listen to them a lot more now xD

I got their new album and well.... disappointment! total fail! its....shit.
it sounds like they don't know what their sound is and have at least 4 different styles on the one album with most of them being absolutely shit!
For those who listen to them and know their music they NEED to go back to Hybrid Theory and Meteora styles as they were their best albums.

That's pretty much their albums in order of goodness see the trend? they get worse the more they try to sound better! :( 
Yes I know I left out Reanimation as it is a remix album not studio but if I was to add it, it would be between Meteora and Minutes to Midnight :) 

Anyway if you have never listened to Linkin Park :O You should listen to some of Hybrid Theory or Meteora both really good albums.



  1. I agree, their early stuff was the best!

  2. I loved these guys when they first came out. The hybrid theory was fantastic.

  3. linkin park was pretty tight. I remember every DragonBallZ music video being made with a Linkin Park song. =]

  4. Haven't listened to them in ages