Tuesday, 2 November 2010


I'm not someone who actively reads a newspaper or watches the news or even reads online however I do sometimes take a wander online to see whats going on,
Today I just happened to go on bbc.co.uk and found this story.


I shall just say alittle about it, Today eleven people have been injured in a suspected gas explosion in Salford in Greater Manchester luckly no-one was fataly injured however one home has been completly destroyed while some others have been badly damaged.

They say that the area might be still releasing gas into the air but there is no real verdict yet, a gas explosion of this size in a normal home...how could this happen? it couldnt be someone leaving the gas on their cooker on the amount of damage was too great for that.


Hopefully this will be resolved soon and the families can work to try and re-build their life after losing everything.

a sad note.


  1. shit man. intense blog lol

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  2. lol that sucks, click me thanks and i be followin'

  3. Hey mate, see your followers are increasing xD

    I read about this on google news earlier, felt bad for the people...
    Hope all turns out well for them

  4. Christ almighty... That sucks, best wishes to them until it's sorted :/

  5. this is really shoking story :S