Saturday, 30 October 2010

How To Train Your Dragon

How To Train Your Dragon, from the title alone it has to be awesome... I mean there such thing as a 'bad' film that has a Dragon in it? NO! xD 
So this film came out 31 March 2010 in the UK however I never went to see it, after getting it a few days ago I regret not seeing it in 3D however the film not in 3D is still really good so 3D must be amazing. 

The Film itself is about a young Viking boy who doesn't fit in at all with well everyone else as he is skinny, weak and pretty much useless when it comes to being anything like a Viking 
The Viking town is terrorised by lots of dragons they all attack and the Vikings fight back killing many, the Viking boy (Hiccup) goes out in the middle of the fight to try and prove to everyone he is a good Viking, he uses a machine he created to shoot a ball and chain into the sky aiming for a dragon usually he would miss however on this one time he manages to hit the most feared dragon of them all 'Night Fury'.
The film follows his story as he finds and dragon and discovers many things about both Night Fury and all the other dragons which leads him to create new friendships and earn the respect and admiration of all the Vikings.

I love this film, no matter what anyone says it might have been made for children but dam! its a good film!
this is a MUST SEE! for EVERYONE....
Parents? get it on DVD!
Kids? ask parents for it for Christmas!
I guarantee you will all enjoy it :)

Have you seen it? what do you think?



  1. Was a good one, girlfriend got it on DVD for her brothers, and the extra short movie was pretty funny. We'd seen it back in (April??) when it came out in 3D. Was good, but not too different really, just cleaned up alot of the edges on picture.

  2. Being a viking myself this is a must see :D