Saturday, 30 October 2010

Black and White

Black & White is a computer game developed by Lionhead Studios and published by Electronic Arts and Feral Interactive. It is the game that kicked off the god game in 2001.

In the game you played as a god who had been born from the prayers of a innocent family who's son is drowning, your first task is to save the boy from this point on the village worships you as their god, you work to complete quests that teach you new skills and help the villagers develop their village more. War and Impressiveness are two main ways of taking over other villages and eventually taking over the island you are on, War is obvious attacking with an army you have created and Impressiveness looks at your village or town and calculates its Impressiveness depending on the buildings, populations happiness and general things, if a village is impressed by yours they will migrate to you and ask to move into your village.

The fundamental part of the game is the choice between Good and Evil, choosing to be Good or Evil changes the way you can play the game meaning that it has replay value because you can play it differently every time.
Good and Evil are represented by these characters here, they help guide you along the path you choose weather it be Good or Evil

As a God you get to choose a creature who you can control and tell to do your bidding, You become the creatures owner and teacher with you having to teach the creature what is right and wrong and what you want and don't want it to do. 

As you teach your creature, look after it and get further into the game it grows here are examples of some full grown creatures:

The game's interface is based around a hand which you control with your mouse, at the beginning there is a tutorial which teaches you all the things you need to know about movement, selection and control.
As you can see here the hand has been used to collect some wood and now is being placed in the storehouse for the villagers to use.
The hand is not visible to the villagers however the things it does (e.g pick up trees, rocks) are seen by the villagers so some reaction sometimes occurs.

Another main part of the game is the Miracles, to preform Miracles you need Prayer energy, this is gained exactly how you would think by having your disciples pray at your temple.
 Here is your temple, your disciples will pray here and gather up the amount of Prayer energy you have to spend on Miracles such as rain and fireball

The game itself may be old but can still be a very fun and entertaining game to play weather its a casual gamer playing a few hours a week or a hardcore gamer looking for continuous hours of enjoyment and good game play. 

Since then a sequel Black and White 2 has came out this is also a very good game with similar gaming experiences available with a new storyline to keep you interested for longer.

I know this kinda review/little chat about the game is very short and misses out a lot of information about the game and other parts however I will be ending it here

I give this game 4/5 rating and a MUST PLAY for any PC gamers who enjoy simulation games with great replay value!

What do you think of the game? 
Have you played it before? 



  1. I remember watching a commercial for this. I really wanted the game but never had a chance to buy it :(