Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Random Image Tuesday 2

Its Tuesday again so time for Random Image Tueseday :)
Like list time these 3 or 4 images will be based around one topic or style and YOU have to guess it, this time I shall be keeping your comments of the answers hidden till the end of the day (for me around 6 or 7 GMT).
If you get the answer right Your name and a link to your blog shall be posted in next weeks Random Image Tuesday! so its worth a guess.

Remember you need to get exactly what I am thinking of when I post these images so you might be close but not the exact words I'm looking for..

Give it a try!

*Hint!* Its a film



  1. Absolutely no idea... good luck to everyone who tries lol

  2. The last picture remind me on GTA SA
    sometimes those npcs were able to do weird stuff like that too :P

  3. why is the movie die hard keep popping in my mind

  4. Your Time Is UP!
    Winners are:
    Juan Gutierrez
    Well done guys :) Die Hard was what I was looking for!

  5. the Beretta 92F is a nice gun, i like the CZ75 better but it is still one of my favorites