Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Mini Rant

OK so like I said a few days back, I reformatted my laptop and have now been trying to add all my old programs on it. You know the usual programs like MSN, hmm so far I have spent around 20 minutes trying to download and install MSN, with the newest MSN only for Vista and Windows 7 the microsoft site is pretty much useless they seem to be addicted to their new products and have forgotten about all of us who don't have another £80 to waste on an OS when XP works fine for what I use my laptop for..........

Like I said Microsofts website is in love with their new products and have all their links going to their new downloads which has caused me to have to look around elsewhere however searching google failed to begin with because the sites that want you to download their down-loader and flood you with shit before you get the file.
Finally I've managed to find a download that isn't a fail, I dont know why but this really pissed me off, maybe just cause I've had a meh day :P

Anyway Rant over, Microsoft is just pissing me off lately with stupid laptop needed to update by going online before it would let the wireless drivers work grr, taking 9 hours to sort out new parts on my computer when I added them and now this.

Sorry its nothing interesting.
P.S. Another Photoshop post on Friday I think :)
Need ideas for other posts as well let me know any ideas :)


  1. Those are the hardest things when you reformat computer. I hope never do it again : \

  2. Good you figured it out. I'm looking forward to your photoshop stuff :)

  3. Not their fault your getting left behind in tech. Tons of reasons u need to update

  4. heres a site you might like (no its not mine and im not spamming) it may have older programs youre looking for XP that are harder to find, cheers.

  5. having trouble finding audio drivers for my pc, damn windows 7