Friday, 26 November 2010

Assassins Creed: Brotherhood

Got AC: Brotherhood yesterday :D I'm gunna try and do some posts about my experiences and thoughts on it every week with updates on the story so far/where I am or the missions I've done.

Dont expect too much as I'm not the best at AC and will probably start rambling on about something stupid in the game or characters.
Also for those who care: Possible Spoilers (but nothing too big will only be about missions most likely)

So far!
I haven't got very far yet as I've only had a hour or so to have a mess around last night,
Currently at:  Sequence 2: A Wilderness of Tigers: Crepi Il Lupo
Ezio seems a pretty cool character ( I will do a profile kinda post on him later on) and I like the changes they have made within the animus interface.
I'm yet to try the Virtual Training section but I may give that a try tonight and post something on it then.

Favourite Mission as of today: New Man In Town
In this misson you have to go and defeat a Borgia Captain and his men by the Borgia Tower that claims the stables, I could have taken a sneaky more assassin like enterence but if im honest I couldnt be bothered so I ran in assassinating one of the Borgia before fighting the Captain, - Important - To kill him quickly and gain 100% Synchronization grab the Captain and throw him into the scaffolding near where you first see him.
After defeating him you go back to Machiavelli (another character I should do a post on later) and he tells you its not enough, first thing Ezio thinks of? Burn the tower! :D
So I run back inside and climb up the outside of the tower on the inner side with the windows to make climbing easier then ignite the tower.


The story so far has been pretty good and I look forward to playing more into the game and hearing your thoughts! For those who don't know I'm playing this on PS3

Depending on the response to this post and another I shall do in the next few days I will keep posting about my thoughts and experiences with Assassins Creed: Brotherhood, If its not liked then I shall try and find something that more people will enjoy and comment on.



  1. I need to catch up on my AC games

  2. I have this on my PS3, great game.

    Just kidding, lol. Nice post dude :)

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