Sunday, 21 November 2010

Quickly Posting Update

Hey Followers! sorry for a quiet weekend, had the party etc! :D
now I'm very tired and feel like total shit so I will make this quick but I wanted to update you all.

Main Happenings of the Party!:
1) 1 mate collapsed and stopped breathing for a few seconds :/ he's fine though so its OK
2) 1 mate fell over the table breaking glass
3) same mate as 2 was in a sleep state which we couldn't wake him from
4) same mate as 2 and 3 projectile vomit over himself, wall, sofas :/ 4 hours of cleaning :(
5) Lefty flip Guitar Hero then hang upside down so its normal way up - totally hilarious
6) Drunken CoD still pwning people xD

Ok thats pretty much the main happenings of the whole party, was a great laugh :)
Will try and post something tomorrow though I have lots of work to catch up on now I've done nothing this weekend.



  1. lol sounds like a great time

  2. Haha sounds like a great weekend! Also hope you enjoy the podcast. Be cool if you left some likes and dislikes of it on the BlogWave wall. :)

  3. Wow i never get crazy parties like that

  4. hehehe, always happens something funny.

  5. sounds like you had a lot of fun