Monday, 8 November 2010

Night at the Museum

So I turned on my TV just now to see that Night at the Museum had just started :D time to watch it haha

If you didn't know the film Night at the Museum is about a man who gets a job as a night guard in a museum where things get very strange at night. The exhibits come alive :O
Its a pretty good film, a good laugh when your bored or something :)

I recommend seeing it at least once just to see it really I think its a pretty good film.

The sequel to this film Night at the Museum 2 is also a very good film and definitely worth a watch.

Anyway just thought I'd post something while watching the film, I haven't had many ideas on what to blog about lately so most of my posts having been that great which I am sorry for.



  1. I've only watched the first half of this movie ^^

  2. I might have to take you up on the recommendation.

  3. I was never a ben stiller fan, so I actually haven't seen this. Also, my exgf saw it with someone while we were dating, but she could never remember who she saw it with.

  4. I like this movie, but you know.. I used to like September by Earth, Wind and Fire, but after watching the ending of this movie: all the funny characters of the museum dancing that song, It make me hate that song, lol. It's like when your parents like something you like, so you don't like it anymore.... XD

  5. watched it whole, wasnt too impressed