Friday, 5 November 2010

My Phone

Samsung Jet (S8000) 

The Samsung Jet features a 800MHz CPU, runs Samsung’s TouchWiz 2.0, 3D media gate and full motion response UIs as well as custom widgets.
This was originally marketed as the next best thing from Samsung. 

I currently own this phone and have it on contract with Orange, its 800mhz CPU runs anything you want to run perfectly with no problems, it has a 5 Mega Pixel camera AF camera+ Dual Power LED with Face Detection, Smile Shot, Panorama Shot & Blink Detection and the sound quality from both music player and during phone calls is really good.
it may boast its ability to multi task and its very fast CPU but there are hardly any good and useful Apps to add to it and even with its ability to run most Java Apps/Games the screen is not good at handling them and most become unplayable, this is a major downside especially as Samsung had said that this would rival the IPhone which has sooooo many more Apps and it can actually use them! 
3/5 rating for this phone, I would change it but I'm on contract and it doesn't end till sept next year :( 


P.S. I need some Ideas of things to write about and stuff, if you have an idea please let me know :) Games, Movies, Products, Programs, Life, anything that I can actually talk about.


  1. I was considering getting this phone but I got an iphone4 instead. It's a very nice phone tho.

  2. Mhh good to know this i thought about gettin this one...but now i prefer the normal Iphone :P

  3. Great review. Good looking phone too.

  4. looks like a awesome phone