Friday, 29 October 2010

Games I've played....

I'm often asked what games I've played and when I think about it I never know what to say as I've played so many games of different types and platforms I'm always stuck thinking for awhile before I can answer.

Like I said I've played many games of different types however I have to say my favourite and most played of all the game genres have to be:
RPG (incl MMO)

for those who do not know what any of these are :O you should know!! shame on you!

But yes these would be my favourite genres, I want to try and make a few different posts talking about different games I have and/or want to have in the future but quickly now I will make a short list of my favourites:

Gran Turismo 3  ( 4 was a let down hoping 5 isn't! )
Guild Wars  ( Will be getting GW2 when it finally comes out! )
Final Fantasy 7, 8, 10, 13
Call of Duty ( ORIGINAL ONE! :D however MW1/2 are ok )
Empire Earth
The Sims
and finally for this list I shall say.....Black and White ( PC game great godly fun )

So what are you favourite games?
Console or PC ?



  1. The Donkey Kong Country series for SNES and Halo for the xbox just to name a few :)

  2. Played most of them as well mate :D
    However, my fave games would have to be:
    PC: League of Legends, MW2, TF2, Bioshock 2, Fallout: New Vegas.

    And for Console:
    N64: Mystical ninja starrying goemon, Super Mario 64, LoZ: OOT, LoZ MM, Donkey Kong 64, Banjo Mother fucking Kazooie.

    Cba to list the rest of the consoles, but yeah, many faves xD

  3. I love pretty much anything on SNES and nintendo 64

  4. @PlanetBen: Yes I've played WoW but in my opinion its not worth a mention as I do not like the game that much, but yes I have played in many years ago